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Investment potentials

The municipaltiy of Bogatic spreads between rivers Drina and Sava in  north-western part of  Macva. Plain, covering the area of 385 square kilometres. The centre of the municipality, a provincial town of Bogatic, is 100 kilometres away from Belgrade, and 22 kilometres away from Sabac and Sremska Mitrovica, respectively. According to 2011. census,  28.879 people live in this territory. As per 2007. data, the total number of employees is 3.922. The largest share of population is involved in agriculture.

Traffic and geographical position of the municipality is very favourable. Settlements are connected with 218 kilometres long road network,  163 kilometres of which having a modern roadway. Also, bridges allow connections with surrounding areas, across the River Sava, at Sremska Mitrovica and Sabac, and across the River Drina - “Pavlovica Bridge”. They connect the municipality with Srem, central Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within programme  Exchange 2 - strengthening the capacity of Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, financed by the European Union from  CARDS 2006 programme, the creation of Strategy of Local and Sustainable Development from 2010 do 2020. is realized.




  • natural: fertile agricultural land geothermal water, waters (surface  and  underground ones), minerals (gravel, sand)
  • intellectual: higher education and  qualified human resources   
  • tourism:rich cultural and historical heritage, the River Drina, healthy environment






Natural potentials

According to its geographical position, relief whith plain prevailing, available natural resources (fertile arable agricultural land, waters, mineral resources, thermal springs, historical monuments, cultural heritage and tourist attractions) along with existing agricultural potentials, the  area of the municipality of Bogatic represents  an area for business enterprises of both local and foreign investors and financiers. 

The most important natural potential of the municipality of Bogatic is agricultural land. Out of  total area of the municipality, which is 38.397 hectares, agricultural land  accounts for  30.724 hectares.  Maize is planted on 13.000 hectares, wheat  on 5.000 hectares, soy bean on 2.500 hectares. Vegetables (potatoes, onions, paprika, tomatoes, peas) cover 2600 hectares. Significant land, around 3.500 hectares, is under fodder crops. Non-arable land is negligible.

The area of municipality has favourable conditions for planting all kinds of fruit: apples, pears, raspberries, blackberries, plums, strawberries.

Cattle raising is traditionally developed, especially hog raising, beef raising and sheep raising.

Annual production: pigs - 100.000, cows - 17.000, sheep - 28.000, poultry - 160.000.

Around 15.000 people, several companies and agricultural cooperatives are involved in agricultural production.

Geothermal water - natural resource

Hydrogeothermal system of Macva was discovered in 1982., when a great conductive geothermal anomaly in neogen sediments in Dublje, in central part of Macva, was discovered. Thermal water with temperature of  75 degrees of Celsius was discovered in the 412 metres deep bore. Researches were continued on several  locations, where fantastic results were achieved in terms of  temperature and water abundance at bore opening. Because of all above, the municipality of Bogatic represents Serbian “Red Spot”, such as the Pannonian Basin in Europe. The results of preliminary tests performed in researched bores, as well as the results gained by  hydrogeothermal modellng show that  it is possible to exploit geothermal energy around Bogatic with  termal strength of min. 150 MW.

Geothermal water exploitation is at the level of pioneer enterprises, but more serious projects have not been launched so far.

Geothermal wather reserves are infinite and exploitation oppurtunities are great:

  • for heating the settlements
  • in industry (in high capacity drying rooms, slaughterhouses), processing plants for
  • cereals, fruit and vegetables
  • in agriculture (whole-year production in greenhouses and cloches, fishponds)
  • in tourism and balneotherapy because of recognized curing features in treating some diseases
  • for bottling as healthy drinking water


River Drina, natural minerals, tourism

The River Drina flows through the municipality  of Bogatic with its 20 km long flow. Today part of the river bed and coastal part of the River Drina are  one of the best mines of high-quality gravel and sand. Exploitation of gravel and sand is carried out in Badovinci, Salas Crnobarski and Crna Bara. Reserves of these best quality minerals in Serbia are valuable. They are used in construction and mostly in economy of roads, and it is possible to build industry plants for gallantry production.

The River Drina bank is an ideal terrain for recreation, fishing and tourism, along with meeting the main precondition -  healthy human environment. Arranged beaches, amusing parks, catering facilities, hunting and fishing tourism, abundant  cultural and  historical  heritage (a unique yard of  this area from the 19th century is conserved in ethnic park in Sovljak) are just few of possible investments which wolud contribute to tourism development.

Location suitable for investments, human resources, labour

In the area of this municipality there is state owned agricultural land which user is local government, but it can be rented to potential investors for up 99 years. As for private owned land which can be interesting for investments (bulding the facilities), there are no disturbances for the transfer of ownership.

In Bogatic and surrounding villages there are big areas of free capacities of privatized companies, agricultural cooperatives, warehouses, halls, business premises and land. There is sewerage system (17 km long) from Bogatic to the River Sava.

In multiple companies in private sector there are functional capacities for production, storage and turnover.

A high unemployment rate is characteristic of this municipality. It is obvious that there is an increasing number of the unemployed with a high school education, qualified for various jobs, as well as with higher education in multiple specialties.

A  high level of language skills should also be mentioned, first of all of English and Russian.


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